Saturday, May 10, 2014

Five Year Plan

I have interest in graphic design, game design, and even animation.
I would ideally like to work freelance or own my own company in the far future. Within the next five years I know it would be in my best interest to gain as much experience as possible.  If I started my own company I would like to have experience in that field so that I would have a better resume to sell myself.  I also want to live in a warm climate and play golf everyday. 


Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT

This gallery space is close to where I’m from in Connecticut.  I have been a number of times to see exhibits as well as films.  They routinely host artist with modern and contemporary styles that I feel would fit my eye. 

MoMA, New York

Museum of Modern Art in New York has an international audience.  It would be a career highlight to have a show or piece in this space.   

Juxtapose Magazine/

Juxtapose is a monthly magazine that features practicing artists in different mediums.  Many artists featured in the magazine or online also have a contemporary style that fits my eye well.  This would also be a huge opportunity for exposure and potential work.


Rockstar San Diego

Rockstar games is a game development company for major platforms Playstation and Xbox.  With my interest in such games and visual work a job or internship here or even at another Rockstar branch would be a great opportunity.



Innovators of computer made animation; they are still the top company in the industry.  Having experience working for or having an internship with Pixar would be an exciting venture that would enable me to grow as an artist and learn new software.   

Sales Platform

            Having an online presence is essential in today’s market.  While I would like to sell art directly to consumers from my personal website I can utilize other sites for exposure as well.  If I need funding for a certain project I could use crowd sourcing sites like Kickstarter.        

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