Sunday, January 26, 2014

3 Questions

#1 - Why do you make art?

         Art has always been the only school subject I've truly enjoyed.  I would say I make Art for self satisfaction.  Starting with an idea for a finished product and following through step by step to the end can be exhausting yet also rewarding.  Feeling the sense of accomplishment is a great morale booster.

#2 - What is the function or role of an artist in today's culture? 

         An Artists role can vary in many different ways.  Regardless of medium, Art is communicative.  It holds a message and can be informative as well.  Within advertisements, Art is used to sell products.  Outside of commercial settings the same Art would still have a message to it, the same or not.  An Artist can have any role that requires a message or idea to be broadcast to anyone.

#3 - Who are three working artists you can think of, who you might contact to interview about their professional lives? 

Graeme Baxter

Jim Fitzpatrick

Steve Lotus


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